About the Show


he Bill Walton Show is a program of in-depth conversations with leaders, creatives, thinkers and activists from the worlds of policy, business, Wall Street, education, non-profits, political economy, film and the arts. 

I’ve been fortunate in my life to be able to work with and become friends with many amazing leaders and doers in these fields and they are now joining me on The Bill Walton Show to share their expertise, wisdom, and stories. Together, we explore what drives growth, human flourishing and success, both in the private and public spheres. How does the world really work, how do we succeed and what actions, principles and policies make our lives better?

Topics are wide ranging: money, public policy, personal growth, individual freedom, entrepreneurship, financial security, community engagement, sports, some politics, the arts, film, education and culture. The show’s goal is to explore complicated things, show how they're relevant to people and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

What animates me is the idea that our principle aim as leaders should be how to expand opportunity and prosperity … human flourishing. In simpler terms, creating those things that really work day-to-day for people in the real world.

The perspective I bring to the show is many years of experience as an executive, investor and entrepreneur where I was involved with starting, leading and financing both for-profit and non-profit organizations. I like to make things happen (more on my background here). But the reality of business, investing and management is that it’s hard to make good things happen. There are lots of failures that go along with success.

By contrast, I’ve been spending more time recently as a political activist and have come to believe that our political life seems irretrievably broken and toxic. Good things are not happening but we continue with the same old failed policies.

We can flourish only when we operate with realistic expectations of what’s possible. Instead, we have an expectations bubble in government promises.

Politics, and especially the promises of progressive political ideas, have proven to be, in the main, materialistic, zero-sum and divisive. Every corner of life seems politicized, even when it’s become clear that government – on the left or the right - is not capable of solving most of the problems that people face in life.

What I’ve come to believe is that it’s the principles of limited government, freedom of opportunity, human agency, faith, a robust civil society, the rule of law and simple bourgeois virtues are those that lead to human flourishing. These are some of the core themes of the show.

The format of the show varies, with some guests aligned with my views and other’s in disagreement – some of my best friends are misguided progressives – with ideas teased out carefully to understand not just the guests’ point of view but also the case behind it.

These are not the kinds of discussions that can take place in the world of 5-minute shout-fests on cable news.

Instead, we aim to explore topics thoroughly so that everyone can benefit from my guests’ experiences and expertise and some of my own.

Whether you are looking for inspiration and insights to become a flourishing human being, or insights into policy and current events from people actively shaping these events, I hope you’ll make The Bill Walton Show top of your list of news and information resources.