The FCC’s Local Media Rule-Making with George Gilder and Hance Haney

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In the age of Trump, some of the biggest stories go virtually unnoticed.   While President Trump was rescuing three UCLA basketball players from the clutches of Chinese jurisprudence, then arguing with one over whether he should be thanked for his trouble, his Federal Communications Commission was enacting rules changes that could usher in a new era for how Americans get … Read More

George Gilder on Tax Reform

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If it were up to George Gilder, the tax reform debate would take on an entirely different tone.   It would be about pouring less money into government and leaving far more in the productive private sector. The phrase ‘revenue neutral’ would not be uttered in polite company. The goal of tax policy would not be a giant settling of scores … Read More

The Problem of Crony Capitalism Today

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I have spent most of my career on Wall Street and in business. I was CEO of a publicly traded NYSE private equity firm for about 14 years from 1997 to 2010. We were highly regulated by the SEC as an Investment Company and headquartered just three blocks from the White House. I also served on the Board of the … Read More

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler

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 It’s beginning to look like Republicans in Congress are going to squander yet another opportunity to do something big to boost the economy. Our pro-prosperity president wants a pro-growth tax package, but our Republicans in the House, cannot break out of self-imposed constraints and propose one. As a result, the House’s tax plan narrows the tax base, makes the … Read More

Block Chain Technology, Tax Policy and the FCC’s Local Media Rule-Making with George Gilder and Hance Haney

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 George Gilder, perhaps the leading futurist of our day, predicted the rise of the Internet, the decline of television and the explosion of the smartphone. Joining him in discussion with Bill is Hance Haney, who is on a mission to educate the FCC.   Read the Blog on Bock Chain Technology Read the Blog on Tax Reform Read the Blog on the … Read More

The New Venture Capital Model with Dan Mindus and Brett Gibson

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 As venture capitalists, Brett Gibson and Dan Mindus were used to asking entrepreneurs what new solution they brought to a problem. So when they joined to form NextGen Venture Capital, it was only fair and natural that they brought something new to their industry. As they explained on a visit to “Common Ground with Bill Walton,” their new wrinkle … Read More

Republic For Which We Stand with John B. Henry, Bill Nitze and Bruce Fein

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 Playwright John B. Henry and citizen actors Bill Nitze and Bruce Fein join fellow thespian Bill Walton to discuss “Republic For Which We Stand”, a new play by Mr. Henry which portrays the behind-the-scenes struggle of the Founding Fathers and Mothers in drafting the constitution to give only Congress the power to declare war.   Read the Transcript

The Education Debate with Jeanne Allen and Johnnie Taylor

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 Imagine you are Jeanne Allen – who joined me recently on Common Ground – and you’re a longtime educational reformer, and you’ve coined this phrase, “backpacks full of cash.” And the phrase is catching on because it truly captures an exciting idea in American education – the notion that, instead of appropriating giant sums to school systems, we, in … Read More