The Actor in All of Us with Leigh Wilson Smiley

Bill WaltonCulture, Entertainment, Podcast

     It was the 21st episode of The Bill Walton Show, but there were a lot of firsts. For the first time, we warmed up for a show. It was not the cacophony of listening to an orchestra prepare to perform, although the difference between the sounds made during the warmup and the actual performance were almost as … Read More

The End of Work with John Tamny

Kenny ReffCulture, Podcast, Policy

   Sunday evening comes around and you wish the weekend had just one more day.  You are just not feeling it. Monday morning, whether you’ll be sitting at a desk or outside on the construction site looks to be a drag. You wonder if you’re lazy, or is it something else?   According to John Tamny, it’s something else.    John, … Read More

Why Have We Let Actors Become Our Moral Guides?

Bill WaltonCulture, Economics

Jonah Goldberg brilliantly writes, “with the receding of religion from public life, we’ve elevated “authenticity” to a new form of moral authority. We look to our feelings for guidance. Actors, as a class, are feelings merchants. While they may indeed be “out of touch” with the rest of America from time to time, actors are adept at being in touch … Read More

How Diverse Is Your “Diversity”?

Bill WaltonCulture

Walter Williams writes about the muddle of the diversity agenda on college campuses. “I think we should ask just what is diversity and whether it’s a good thing. How do we tell whether a college, a department or another unit within a college is diverse or not? What exemptions from diversity are permitted?” He adds, “Ask your average college president … Read More

2018 A Year of Resistance?

Bill WaltonCulture, Economics

Arnold Kling predicts that 2018 will be a year of resistance. Kling’s prediction is that a main theme of 2018 will be resistance. Not the Trump resistance, but resistance against technology that is increasingly perceived as adversarial. Kling writes: “I think that there is a large latent movement for resisting Facebook, Twitter, and addiction to smartphone apps of various kinds.” … Read More

The Father of Supply Side Economics with Arthur Laffer

Bill WaltonCulture, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Policy, Politics

Most people talk with Arthur Laffer about supply-side economics and his famous “Laffer Curve,” which shows how governments can increase revenues by lowering taxes. But few know that Laffer is an outstanding investor. He recently joined me as a guest on “The Bill Walton Show” and I asked him for investment advice. And that advice might surprise some. Laffer likes … Read More

The Education Debate with Jeanne Allen and Johnnie Taylor

Bill WaltonCulture, Education

Imagine you are Jeanne Allen and you’re a longtime educational reformer, and you’ve coined this phrase, “backpacks full of cash.” And the phrase is catching on because it truly captures an exciting idea in American education – the notion that, instead of appropriating these giant sums to school systems, we, in effect, gave each child a backpack full of cash … Read More