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   This post is to test the FB Open Graph plug in.  Does Jeanne’s image show up?  Does it link to the ctgv post? Resources: Read the transcript Guest’s website Another relevant link

George Gilder on Block Chain Technology

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George Gilder, perhaps the leading futurist of our day, predicted the rise of the Internet, the decline of television and the explosion of the smartphone. Now he’s predicting another giant step forward – an innovation potentially as consequential as the Internet itself. It is called block chain technology, and it has begun to challenge the way we buy and sell … Read More

Hance Haney and George Gilder on the FCC’s Local Media Rule-Making

Bill WaltonEconomics, Investing

In the age of Trump, some of the biggest stories go virtually unnoticed. While President Trump was rescuing three UCLA basketball players from the clutches of Chinese jurisprudence, then arguing with one over whether he should be thanked for his trouble, his Federal Communications Commission was enacting rules changes that could usher in a new era for how Americans get … Read More

George Gilder on the Tax Reform Debate

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If it were up to George Gilder, the tax reform debate would take on an entirely different tone. It would be about truly putting less money into government and more into the far-more-productive private sector. The phrase ‘revenue neutral’ would not be uttered in polite company. The goal of tax policy would not be a giant settling of scores but … Read More

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler

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Watch above or listen here: It’s beginning to look like Republicans in Congress are going to squander yet another opportunity to do something big to boost the economy. Our pro-prosperity president wants a pro-growth tax package, but our Republicans in the House, cannot break out of self-imposed constraints and propose one. As a result, the House’s tax plan narrows the tax … Read More

The Bill Walton Story

Bill WaltonEconomics, Podcast

 Watch above or listen here: John Tamny sits in the host’s chair and interviews Bill about William Paley, Common Ground and the more than 40 years Bill has spent at the top of the business and finance worlds. Resources: Bill’s website Bill’s biography