The Bill Walton Story

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It is interesting being the host of a production such as Common Ground. It is even more interesting to be a guest. Recently, my friend, the economist and writer John Tamny, turned the tables and interviewed me. And as I look back over the conversation and about the lifetime of experiences we discussed, I can’t help but think how much … Read More

The Pursuit of Happiness with Jimmy Kemp and Ralph Benko

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Jack Kemp played a huge role in the successful tax policies of the 1980’s. His son, Jimmy Kemp, joins Bill to discuss the legacy of his father and what’s necessary going forward. Ralph Benko is a champion of supply-side economics as well, and adds to the discussion with his insight garnered from decades national experience.Prosperity, thriving and well-being are as … Read More

The Republican Party with Al Regnery and Matt Schlapp

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You don’t hear much about the Tea Party these days, but perhaps you should. After all, as Al Regnery, publisher to the conservative stars pointed out on his visit to “Common Ground with Bill Walton,” it just elected a president. The concerned community members and amateur activists who formed Tea Party groups in the early days of the Obama administration … Read More

The Father of Supply Side Economics with Arthur Laffer

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Most people talk to Arthur Laffer about supply-side economics and his famous “Laffer Curve,” which shows how governments can increase revenues by lowering taxes. But few will do what I did when Laffer was a guest on “Common Ground” and ask him for investment advice. And that advice might surprise some. Laffer likes France “because we think Macron is much … Read More