Jeanne Allen and Johnny Taylor on Education

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What if we gave each child a backpack full of cash and let their parents determine which school should receive that cash? And would Matt Damon enjoy working for a monopoly?  Jeanne Allen founder of the Center for Education Reform, Johnny Taylor, CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Bill explore these questions on Common Ground. Listen to the … Read More

Jeanne Allen and Johnny Taylor on Education

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Imagine you are Jeanne Allen – who joined me recently on Common Ground – and you’re a longtime educational reformer, and you’ve coined this phrase, “backpacks full of cash.” And the phrase is catching on because it truly captures an exciting idea in American education – the notion that, instead of appropriating giant sums to school systems, we, in effect, … Read More

The Power of Social Media with Mike Thompson and Beverly Halberg

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Thanks to the Internet and, increasingly, social media, we’re more connected than ever. We have Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We use Snapchat and Instagram to show our spontaneous sides. We post, comment, like, share and retweet information like never before.  We engage. We sell. We persuade. But are we building communities? Are we bridging divides? Or are we gathering in … Read More

The Bill Walton Story

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It is interesting being the host of a production such as Common Ground. It is even more interesting to be a guest. Recently, my friend, the economist and writer John Tamny, turned the tables and interviewed me. And as I look back over the conversation and about the lifetime of experiences we discussed, I can’t help but think how much … Read More