Life After the NFL with Lamaar Thomas and Maureen O’Donnell

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Bill’s thoughts on the podcast:

Occasionally, you get to know someone who just seems to have a special quality.

Lamar Thomas, who joined me recently on The Bill Walton Show, is one of those people.  Our ostensible show topic was his life as a wide receiver in the NFL for the Denver Broncos.  But in addition to our talk about football, he shared some of the life lessons that he learned along the way that enabled him to flourish, and continue to flourish even after his time in the NFL came to an end.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • The best athlete in his family.  Hint, it’s not him.
  • His journey from a Junior Olympic track star to the NFL.
  • The importance of tennis balls.
  • Being a dual sport athlete and Big 10 all-academic scholar.
  • Suiting up in the locker room on college and NFL game days.
  • Peyton Manning and “Omaha”.
  • Digs, dags and dishes.
  • Flag football and his family.
  • Coaching five flag football teams at the same time, two of which just competed in the national championships.

The best part of the conversation is what he told me about some of the lessons he has learned along the way.  

“My two things.  I had two things taught to me when I was in college that I hold onto every day.  You have two things you control, and that’s your attitude and your effort.  Everything else…anything can happen.  The weather is unpredictable.  What’s going to be said next is unpredictable, but I can always control my attitude, I can always control my effort going into whatever situation I’m going into.”

Attitude and Effort.  All you can do is focus on the work you put in to preparing yourself to compete and the attitude you take in completing that work.

There’s more to his story than this and I hope you join our conversation by watching or listening to this episode of The Bill Walton Show.  

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