Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, talks business with Bill Walton on this episode of Common Ground.  The two dive into a deep conversation about the challenges faced by small businesses today and what reforms are needed to help get things moving again.  They discuss what led to the current environment in which small businesses continue to struggle and how to overcome the regulatory burdens that hinder them.  Click here to learn more about the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act.

In 2014, Bill Walton talked with ListeningIn’s Warren Smith about his (then) upcoming film, Max Rose, starring Jerry Lewis.  Mr. Smith revisited the full recording once Walton was named to help lead President-elect Trump’s economic team for the transition. Smith found a lot of interesting and relevant nuggets that weren’t aired in the original broadcast but now prove to be insightful and timely.  Please click here for Walton’s full bio.

Bill Walton sits down with George Gilder to discuss the theories outlined in Mr. Gilder’s book “Knowledge & Power“.  Gilder is a highly influential thinker and chair of Discovery Institute‘s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality. He first championed the free market as a key architect of President Reagan’s “supply-side” economic policy. But in his book, “Knowledge & Power”, Gilder presents a new economic paradigm: the epic conflict between the entrepreneur’s knowledge and the government’s power.

Job creators, entrepreneurs and risk takers can re-start our economy if government policies stimulate economic growth instead of undermining confidence and stability. There are four powerful government policy areas that can either encourage or inhibit…