The Father of Supply Side Economics with Arthur Laffer

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Most people talk with Arthur Laffer about supply-side economics and his famous “Laffer Curve,” which shows how governments can increase revenues by lowering taxes. But few know that Laffer is an outstanding investor. He recently joined me as a guest on “The Bill Walton Show” and I asked him for investment advice. And that advice might surprise some. Laffer likes … Read More

The Power of Social Media with Mike Thompson and Beverly Halberg

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Thanks to the Internet and, increasingly, social media, we’re more connected than ever. We have Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We use Snapchat and Instagram to show our spontaneous sides. We post, comment, like, share and retweet information like never before.  We engage. We sell. We persuade. But are we building communities? Are we bridging divides? Or are we gathering in … Read More

The Republican Party with Al Regnery and Matt Schlapp

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You don’t hear much about the Tea Party these days, but perhaps you should. After all, as Al Regnery, publisher to the conservative stars pointed out on his visit to “The Bill Walton Show,” it just elected a president.  The concerned community members and amateur activists who formed Tea Party groups in the early days of the Obama administration were … Read More

Taxing and Spending with Romina Boccia and Adam Michel

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I’m not sure what left the bigger impression on me after my visit with Romina Boccia and Adam Michel – the awesome bigness of the federal government’s fiscal challenges or the mindsets of those we elected to deal with them.   The problem is enormous. The federal government spends $4 trillion per year. It takes in $3.3 trillion in taxes and … Read More

The Education Debate with Jeanne Allen and Johnnie Taylor

Bill WaltonCulture, Education

Imagine you are Jeanne Allen and you’re a longtime educational reformer, and you’ve coined this phrase, “backpacks full of cash.” And the phrase is catching on because it truly captures an exciting idea in American education – the notion that, instead of appropriating these giant sums to school systems, we, in effect, gave each child a backpack full of cash … Read More

George Gilder on Block Chain Technology

Bill WaltonCulture, Economics, Investing

George Gilder, perhaps the leading futurist of our day, predicted the rise of the Internet, the decline of television and the explosion of the smartphone.  Now he’s predicting another giant step forward – an innovation potentially as consequential as the Internet itself. It is called blockchain technology, and it has begun to challenge the way we buy and sell things.   … Read More

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Adam Michel and Rachel Greszler

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It’s beginning to look like Republicans in Congress are going to squander yet another opportunity to do something big to boost the economy.  Our pro-prosperity president wants a pro-growth tax package, but our Republicans in the House, cannot break out of self-imposed constraints and propose one. As a result, the House’s tax plan narrows the tax base, makes the code … Read More